Wednesday, July 22, 2009

15 Minute Tilapia and Shrimp Dinner

So maybe you don't know... But I'm a big foodie.
And it struck me tonight, that I don't have to just blog about my jewelry. I can talk about, and share recipes, for food as well!

Now I don't have kids- so there's no "rush" at dinnertime to get little ones fed. I have a bigger one to worry about. My roommate.

And... Since he took on the task of working a very different shift this month, it means different time dinners. Which is a bit daunting, considering that I work the 6am-3pm shift and I'm home early afternoon. Something quick, done in a flash, this definitely will work for you. Tilapia is a very mild tasting fish, and can be flavored very easily. It takes on the tastes of whatever you put with it... So it's great for those that don't like strong fishy flavors.

The recipe tonight:
Olive Oil
Lemon Pepper
Handful of medium shrimp
2-4 fillets of Tilapia
Fresh Salad and fixins to go in it

Turn your oven on, to 350 degrees.
Toss the shrimp in about a tablespoon of Olive Oil, and a few shakes of the pepper.
Line a good sized pan (I used a roasting pan) with tin foil and drizzle the bottom with Olive Oil. This will prevent the fish from sticking when you cook it. Lay the fillets in, drizzle with a little more Olive Oil, and season with the Lemon Pepper generously.

It should look something like this when you're done


Yes... I know, uncooked shrimp colors kind of eek me out too.
Once the food's in, time for 13-15 minutes. You'll know it's close to being done with the delicious aroma starts to fill the kitchen... Yes, you know what I'm talking about! Lemony goodness!
Remove from the oven once it's finished cooking, and let sit to cool off for about two minutes.

While you're waiting for it to cool, go ahead and put the salads together. I like to use bagged, just for ease.. But it all depends on what's a good deal. Chop up some cucumbers, tomatoes, any fresh veggies.

This is what I came up with tonight:


Wegmans is getting the plug tonight- since they're the local grocer for me! Once I put the food together, I went ahead and put a little of their Lemon Dill finishing butter on the fish. Honestly- it didn't need much. (easy to make- chop about 1 tablespoon of fresh dill to 2 tablespoons of softened butter)


So that was dinner tonight.

And I can't wait to make it again...

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